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DRPC: a strategic new logistics asset for Normandy and Île-de-France

Rouen. 05 September 2019

DRPC (Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne) is today opening its oil depot on the banks of the Seine. The new depot – owned 70% by Bolloré Energy and 30% by Total Marketing France – stands as a strategic logistics platform for the supply of the Normandy and Île-de-France regions together with the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.

Commissioned in early 2018, DRPC boasts a total storage capacity of 600 000 m3 in the shape of 27 tanks, enabling the company to store all types of oil products (including diesel, SP95, SP98, heating oil, jet fuel and biofuels). DRPC receives products via its two waterway-sea wharves and its three connections to the TRAPIL network of Le Havre-Paris pipelines. This network also enables the shipment of finished oil products to depots in neighbouring consumption areas. DRPC has also implemented a new road station, which will supply the region’s distribution networks.

The site is an Installation Classée pour la Protection de l’Environnement (installation classified for the protection of the environment) and fully compliant with safety, security and environmental protection requirements. DRPC benefits from the expertise of its two shareholders and relies on its operational teams to ensure the quality of the stored and distributed products.

“Some €100 million and three years of work were required to convert the storage area of the former Petit-Couronne refinery into a modern and secure oil depot. We are proud of this achievement, which would not have been possible without the unfailing commitment and dedication of all of the teams,” said Hakim Britel, Chairman of DRPC.

About Bolloré Energy

Bolloré Energy, a major player in oil logistics in France and Europe, has a storage capacity of 2.1 million m3 at 27 wholly- or partly-owned depots. Bolloré Energy holds a 33.3% share of Raffinerie du Midi, 95% of Société Française Donges Metz (SFDM) and 70% of Dépôt Rouen Petit-Couronne (DRPC). Bolloré Energy also distributes oil products via a network of 125 secondary depots and agencies located in France, Switzerland and Germany.

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About Total Marketing France

Total Marketing France, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total Marketing Services, is focused on operational business activities in France. It is responsible in France for the supply and sale of fuels, heating oil and industrial fuels (heavy fuels), the sale of automotive lubricants, the operation of Total, Total Access and ELAN service stations with professional and retail customers, and energy services activities. The company’s 6 600-strong workforce (including 16 subsidiaries) form close relationships with their customers, are finely attuned to their energy needs, and provide them with the most economical and innovative services, the aim being to rank as a preferred player in the mobility and heating markets in France.

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