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Earth Talent By Bolloré: more than 48.500 beneficiairies in 2022

Puteaux. 30 November 2023

The Bolloré Group has been supporting youth empowerment for many years, through its Earthtalent by Bolloré sponsorship programme. In 20221, the Group supported 387 projects with a significant social impact in the countries where it operates. More than 50% of the donations went to projects dedicated to young people, thereby contributing to 8 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The Group's philosophy, based on ethical commitment and solidarity, aims to support young people over the long term in order to help local communities as fully as possible. Since the creation of this international solidarity programme, the Bolloré Group, which operates in many countries, has developed a unique policy of local sponsorship. Associations can apply for grants directly on the Earthtalent by Bolloré platform. In 2022, donations to associations supported primarily the education and healthcare sectors.

In the Republic of the Congo, for example, thanks to the NGO Actions de Solidarité Internationale,
1,440 vulnerable girls have been housed in rehabilitation centres. Earthtalent by Bolloré subsidises this program, which advocates a multidisciplinary approach: medical, psychosocial, educational and economic, offering a new chance to these young women in very precarious situations.

While young people are the primary target of the Earthtalent by Bolloré solidarity programme, they are not the only ones. The Group also takes action in the event of humanitarian emergencies, as was the case in 2022 following the earthquake in Turkey, when the Group financed the shipment of four trucks for the NGO Acted. In addition, the Group supported the NGO Elise Care by transporting an ambulance and medical equipment to Yemen.

Dorothée Van der Cruyssen

Head of the International Solidarity Commitment and Corporate Philanthropy Department at the Bolloré Group.

Last year the Bolloré Group pursued an ambitious sponsorship policy for local communities, people with disabilities, women and youth. We are determined to honour our commitments and are working to develop new projects.”

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