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Moustafa Mokrane, the new Managing Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics Tunisia

Puteaux. 13 March 2020

Moustafa Mokrane was appointed as Managing Director of Bolloré Transport & Logistics Tunisia at the end of January.

He is joining the teams of the subsidiary based in Radès in southern Tunis. With over 15 years’ experience in the transport and logistics sector, the new Managing Director, aged 42, aims to contribute his expertise with a view to bolstering the company’s growth across the country.

Moustafa Mokrane, Managing Director of Bolloré Transport Logistics Tunisia

“I am very proud to join the teams of Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Tunisia and to contribute to its success. Together with the company’s 44 employees, our objective is to reinforce the existing business but also to develop new activities so as to become a leader in the sector in Tunisia.”

He holds a five-year higher education diploma in International Business and is a specialist in international logistics. A French national of Algerian origin, he began his career in France in 2002 at a mass retail group before moving to Tunisia in 2004 as an international corporate volunteer.

In 2008, he was recruited as Head of Operations by one of Tunisia’s leading transport and logistics operators, where he went on to spend eight years. He quickly became Head of Sales while keeping his initial function.

He then served as Development Director with major local freight agents, tasked with contributing to the development of their business activities and organisation structures. Driven by fresh ambitions, he joined Bolloré Transport & Logistics Tunisia in early 2020 as Managing Director.

About Bolloré Transport & Logistics in Tunisia

Bolloré Transport & Logistics has been present in Tunisia since 1994 and currently has a 44-strong workforce in the country. The company is specialised in transport (air, sea, road and multimodal), transit, logistics (notably with 5,900 m2 of storage area) and industrial projects. It brings its local and international customers bespoke logistics solutions and supports the country’s economic growth through its investments.

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