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New mobile crane to boost handling capacity at the port of Kribi

Kribi. 13 April 2021

Kribi Conteneurs Terminal (KCT) took delivery on 13th April 2021 of a new mobile crane intended for ship handling operations. The new equipment boosts the dock-handling capacity of the concessionary of the Port of Kribi container terminal.

With a 100-tonne lifting capacity, the wheel-mounted Gottwald 8412 crane is able to handle two 20 feet containers at the same time. The crane’s projection capacity extends to the 20th row of containers on board ships, where it can lift 41 tonnes. 

As efficient as a dock gantry, this mobile crane offers a productivity of +/- 25 container movements. It will allow to reduce by 30 to 35% the ship visit time by improving the quality of the service given to the shipowners and the economic operators of Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic.

The acquisition of the new mobile crane is part of KCT’s investment plan, which also provides for the arrival of five new RTG yard gantries in 2021.

Eric Lavenu, Managing Director of KCT

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, KCT is pursuing its programme of investments and continues to work alongside the port authority to boost the competitiveness of the Autonomous Port of Kribi. This new investment strengthens our contribution to the competitiveness of the economy and regional trade momentum in the region

Kribi Conteneurs Terminal is thus contributing to a more seamless supply chain in Cameroon and the countries in the sub-region. In addition to its port activities, the company, which employs 300 Cameroonians, leads solidarity initiatives every year in key sectors such as health, education and environmental protection.

About Kribi Conteneurs Terminal

Composed of a group of Cameroonian shareholders, Bolloré, CMA CGM and CHEC, the Kribi Conteneurs Terminal (KCT) is the concessionary of the container terminal at the Kribi deep-water port. KCT provides the Cameroonian supply chain with modern infrastructure adapted to the new generation of transoceanic ships, including 350 metres of quays able to process vessels with capacities of up to 11,000 TEU. KCT’s infrastructures and facilities comply with the most stringent international standards. A true entryway to Cameroon and hinterland countries such as Chad and the Central African Republic, the new terminal aims to facilitate growth in regional trade and step up the country’s economic growth. Kribi Conteneurs Terminal is also seeking to establish itself as a transshipment hub.

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