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SOGECO, reference logistics operator of the cotton sector in Mauritania

Puteaux. 30 May 2022

As part of a partnership signed with the Malian Textile Development Company (CMDT), SOGECO carried out the unloading operations of 165 trucks from Mali for a total cargo of 22,676 cotton balls, rounding up to more than 5,000 tons.

Thanks to the implementation of a synergy within Bolloré Transport & Logistics' subsidiaries in the Atlantic Africa Region, the start of Malian cotton potting operations in Mauritania has been a real success. This operation positions SOGECO as a pioneer in the containerization of cotton in Mauritania, with the ambition to realize, over the 2021-2022 cotton season, no less than 1500 containers of type 40', an estimated volume of 30,000 tons.



SOGECO thus becomes the first private operator in Mauritania to start a commercial and operational activity at the port of the future, a support port and complementary to that of Nouakchott located 40 km from Keur Macène, border department of Saint Louis in Senegal. This new port infrastructure also offers an interesting solution for flows to the hinterland, particularly Mali,

The operationalization of the port of NDIAGO highlights the know-how of SOGECO, a reference logistics operator. The company is also a partner in the GTA gas project.


About Sogeco

A pioneer in cotton containerization in Mauritania, Sogeco has become a reference logistics operator in West Africa. Beyond its role in Mauritania, the company is a real catalyst for relevant and innovative logistics solutions in Mauritania.





Press contact:

Emilie DEPINA, Projects Director – SOGECO Mauritanie
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