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The Bolloré Group holds the 4th Marathon Day to raise money for SOS Villages d'Enfants

New records number of entries with 17,402 employees

Puteaux. 27 September 2019

[Translate to English:] À Puteaux, au siège du Groupe, plus de 900 collaborateurs ont participé au Marathon Day 2019. ©Nicolas Gouhier/HavasProductions

Marathon Day, the annual charity run created by Cyrille Bolloré, CEO of the Bolloré Group, took place on Thursday September 26, 2019 in Puteaux, as well as in all the Group’s subsidiaries around the world. This year, the number of entries beat all records, with 17,402 participants in 104 countries. The Group, which supports young people every day through its sponsorship actions, chose again to support SOS Villages d’Enfants.


Since 2016, employees of the Bolloré Group around the world have come together on the same day at the same time in September to walk or run 5km. Three euros are donated to the charity for each entry.


In 2018, the money raised for the charity SOS Villages d’Enfants funded projects on four continents. In the Americas, the money raised helped to create the Cap Haïtien occupational training centre, which works with nearly 800 young people. In Africa, part of the money was used to promote access to healthcare and fund awareness and prevention work in 26 health centres in 10 countries. In Asia, support was also given to 44 school programmes in four countries with a view to remedying the lack of educational structures and the precariousness of learning conditions. Finally, in Europe four new SOS villages will be created at the start of 2020.

Cyrille Bolloré, CEO of the Bolloré Group

This year, we have again decided to support SOS Villages d’Enfants, which has been fighting to improve children’s daily lives since 1970. Thanks to the funds collected in 2018, many projects have been set up and others are pending. I am proud of the increasing size of this event each year and I would like to thank all of our employees for taking part.

About the Bolloré Group

Founded in 1822, the Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world, with more than 81,000 employees in 127 countries and on five continents. Through its diversification strategy based on innovation and international development, the company now holds strong positions in its three sectors: transport and logistics, communication, electricity storage and systems.


About SOS Villages d'Enfants

For more than 60 years SOS Villages d’Enfants has supported siblings whose family situation requires them to be taken into care. It allows brothers and sisters to grow up together in a family setting, based on an educational and loving long-term relationship formed with a family educator (“SOS mother”). As well as looking after children, it also develops programmes to promote access to education, occupational training and healthcare. It also works to strengthen families and prevent abandonment.


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