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Towards a more responsible fleet of vehicles in Europe

Puteaux. 17 April 2023

Bolloré Logistics France has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions generated by fuel consumption by 15% since 2019, thanks to the update of its fleet of freight transport trucks. By investing over time in a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles using low-carbon solutions, the company is contributing to the energy transition to achieve its decarbonisation targets as part of its "Powering Sustainable Logistics" programme.

In France, the Le Havre office began converting its heavy vehicle fleet almost three years ago, by acquiring 8 tractors running on B100 fuel (Derived from rapeseed, B100 is a 100% plant-based biodiesel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and fine particles by 80%.) and a storage tank with a capacity of 50,000 litres to facilitate vehicle refuelling. The Rouen and Le Mans offices have also followed suit with vehicles powered exclusively by B100.

Bolloré Logistics' ambition is to extend these more responsible solutions throughout Europe by promoting best practices. Belgium is already using a shuttle running on B100. In the UK, two electric vans provide a shuttle between London and Heathrow Airport. Since last September, they have already carried out 815 shipments and covered 7,700 km.

Henri Le Gouis

CEO of Bolloré Logistics Europe

The commitments made in 2018 as part of our "Powering Sustainable Logistics" programme require us to be proactive in adapting our means of transport. In order to contribute to the energy transition, Bolloré Logistics’ will continue to convert its fleet to limit its carbon footprint, without impacting our performance.

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