Commit to local communities: volunteering your time

Bolloré Transport & Logistics seeks to offer local responses to the specific societal problems of each one of its regions. We are involved in the development of the countries in which we do business and are committed to contributing in a different way to the growth of local economies. We do so by developing modern infrastructure, creating jobs and training our local employees.

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Each year, Bolloré Transport & Logistics develops relationships of trust with stakeholders and civil society, reflected in partnership agreements with leading socially-responsible players. 

These agreements, established over several years, are the foundation of Bolloré Transport & Logistics' socio-economic footprint, which is assessed each year.

To make this process easier, the Bolloré Group's Corporate Philanthropy Department has opened a portal dedicated to public-interest organizations working to empower young people, so that they can submit their application: "Earthtalent mécénat by Bolloré".

In response to the societal challenges facing young people, the new ambition of this portal is to identify projects with a significant social impact, both for beneficiaries and local communities, and to support them through the involvement of local teams.

In 2020, this system will be supplemented by other tools enabling employees to offer their time and skills to the selected associations.
Thus, Bolloré Transport & Logistics offers its employees the opportunity to actively meet their need to get involved, by investing in youth, which remains the Group's major societal focus until 2022.

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