Innovate to respond to key economic and environmental changes

To meet the major expectations of its customers and adapt to the emergence of new economic models and trends, Bolloré Transport & Logistics invests in the long term in the development of innovative and connected products and services that respect people and the environment.

Environmental issues are vital for transport and logistics companies, which are duty bound to do their utmost to shrink their environmental footprint. A committed partner to the energy transition through large-scale projects, Bolloré Transport & Logistics places great importance on reducing the environmental impact of its activities and controlling the attendant risks. 


Therefore, we continuously invest in the search for innovative solutions that respond to environmental concerns in industrialised countries and provide access to energy in emerging countries. As part of our forward-thinking approach, we ensure that our infrastructure projects comply with the most stringent environmental standards. 

Fully aware that the preservation of natural ecosystems is a priority, we review technical redevelopment programs and implement them in our operating regions. Our approach draws on a full range of best practices and supplements the ISO 14001 standard. In practice, these technical initiatives contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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