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Marathon Day: The solidarity event for Bolloré Group employees

Cyrille Bolloré

CEO of the Bolloré Group

With the Bolloré Group celebrating its Bicentenary this year, we succeeded in mobilising 15,270 employees in more than 94 countries to cover 200,000 kilometres in one week. This feat testifies to our teams’ loyal enthusiasm for our solidarity race. Marathon Day is a unique moment of togetherness, joy and shared effort, and I look forward to setting it in motion every year.

Marathon Day : special Bicentenary edition

Every year since 2016, Bolloré Group employees have taken part in the solidarity race devised by their CEO, Cyrille Bolloré. On the same day, in every country in which the Group operates, they are invited to cover 5 kilometres. The individual distances are tracked through an app that adds up the kilometres. The ten countries managing to mobilise the greatest number of employees in proportion to their staff numbers then have the opportunity to make a donation to a local charity. Every contribution counts: the higher the overall number of participants, the larger the donation.

The aim of this 7th edition was highly symbolic for the Bolloré Group.

Founded in 1822 on the banks of the Odet in Brittany, the Group celebrated its 200th anniversary this year. The challenge of travelling 200,000 km by walking, running or cycling, was issued to mark the occasion. In the end, some 15,000 employees in 94 countries came together to meet the challenge.

Linked by the app and showing greater solidarity than ever before, the participants exemplified the values of the Bolloré Group in this Bicentenary year.


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Key figures of the 2022 edition

  • 94 countries 
  • 15,270 participants 
  • + 200 000 kilometers travelled