Unite people, the driving force of the company

Bolloré Transport & Logistics has long been committed to social inclusion and diversity. In 2018, the Human Resources Department decided to step up its efforts and structure its approach in this area. Taking the form of a policy, this renewed approach is higher-impact and clearly states our determination to act as an employer that is fully invested in its employees.

Because Bolloré Transport & Logistics is aware that the performance of the company is directly related to the development of its 35,000 employees, their commitment and skills are central to our strategy. Attracting employees, gaining their loyalty and providing them with training is an absolute priority.

Training steps up career development, bringing employees the chance to boost their professional knowledge and their ability to prepare for the changes stemming from innovation.

Talented young individuals joining the company are supported by new programmes to help them fulfil themselves and free up all their potential.

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is committed to monitoring and supporting women in their career paths with a view to fostering their access to positions of responsibility. Particular attention is also paid to increasing the share of women employees in our businesses. We have rolled out a number of initiatives to support the career development of our women employees at various subsidiaries, regardless of their job position.

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